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    Ideas For Converting A Renegade Mechanicus Robot Army?

    I had just started work on a new army called the Zanatorian Machine Cult you can look at the army background here:

    I was set on using a Necron army and was happy with some of the mock miniatures shown below. But now due to GW discontinuing all of its individual components I’m back to square one so anyone have any suggestions on what list to use and how to convert an army of robots that looked like they were forged by the Adeptus Mechanicus?

    Dragoons representing Warriors!

    Harbingers representing Immortals!

    The Renegade Techpriest

    Striker planned to represent a Destroyer!

    So now that GW has prevented me from creating metal robots any suggestions for one made out of plastic bits from BWbits?

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    i loooove your renegade techpriest. very subtle but effective
    Music must give birth to orgasm and revolution
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