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    Winged Hive Tyrant, need help.

    We'll, I'm totally new to 40k.

    But I've only played a few times.
    1.Against SM, lost terribly got shot up before I could get to them.
    2."Almost won" I blew up his Dread and tank with amazing rolls with the VC.

    3.Tau, shot up, mainly from heavier guns.
    4.Tau, shot up, same story.

    So, I want that whole swarm with gaunts/genes/ and to leave my Heavy Supports in the dust and get to the enemy asap.

    I want to make a Winged Hive Tyrant with two sets of Scything Talons for the menacing look and to dominate CC as a monstrous creature. And to stay up with the quick small guys.

    My big questions:

    1.Where do I get wing bits? I really dont want to buy Balrog wings for 10$ and pay like 7$ more for the shipping from GW :/

    2.Can someone link some choices for wings.

    3.How effective is a CC Tyrant with SC and a Warp Field, is it effective against tanks etc? How effective is it in general?

    4.Is there a post/guide/pictures anywhere of some great looking Flyrants or some How To's? As this will be my first "conversion" and messing around.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    People are known to have been using many different things for Flyrant wings. About any pair from the multitude of plastic and metal kits GW produces will be fine, or you can try and scratch-build them.

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