so with my massive 90% ghoul list ive been doin' alot of assembling of ghouls. and here are some things ive learned.

you want the modelstanding at the far right(the models right) back corner with the body facing the center of the base. this seems silly at first, but the bodies all slightly rotate to the right so this will actually make them take up as much base volume without jutting to far off the base alowing you to do more interesting things with the arms.

for models in the second and subsequent ranks you want to avoid the outstretched arms and stick to the left arms holding rocks and bones and the right arms that are all bent up near the back or those holding bone shivs.

you can be pretty liberal with your front rank of ghouls because they dont take up alot of space. but if you arent careful about the placing and facing of your front rank it cant disrupt the rest of the ranks because of the way the torsos are shaped.

in the box there are approximately 6 torsos that are upright and 4 that are hunched over more and jut out forward more. you want to use the upright torsos for your back ranks where possible as the hands will always be outside of the base no matter what you try to do and adjacent ghouls undoubtedly will either be displaced by this or be very near to being displaced.

anyway, i hope this helps. it took me 3 boxes to get it down to a solid rhythm where everything ranked up and still looked scary. dont let that happen to you