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    Normal CSM to a Nurgle CSM- Step by Step (PIC HEAVY)

    So someone in the modeling forum asked for the steps to turn their normal chaos space mariones into Nurgle Marines, So i thought i'd blow an hour or so, putting this together for them. Please don't judge, i'm rushing through this as i'm tired and it's almost 1 am.
    I'll post some of the previous marines i did this to, that my friend asked me to, that are finished.

    So, you have this Chaos Marine...

    And youwant him to become a Death Guard, Nurgle Space Marine.
    Step 1. Take him apart (arms and backpacks)

    Step 2. Cut yourself off some greenstuff.

    Step 3. Mix it up, turn it green, then cut yourself off this much: (my greenstuff mix here is not mixed enough for proper useage.(mix it more than I did) Keep it wet or moist.

    ((This shows the size peice you need compared to a shoulder pad of the CSM))

    Step 4. Keeping the greenstuff wet, as well as your tools, Stick it on his gut:

    Step 5. Spread it out over his gut, making sure to KEEP THE GREENSTUFF WET, AS WELL AS YOUR TOOLS!! Feel free to push the GS around, making small folds, or even uneven sections, as their suits and bloated power armor, doesn't always bloat evenly. ((It's Nurgle for god's sake!))

    ((should look like this when you're done.))

    Step 6. Leg time.. Cut this much off the GS chunk. (Keep knife and GS moist.)I also cut that dumb topknot off. Since most of the Nurgle guys I have, don't have them (I am guessing mutation makes your hair fall out.)

    Step 7. Toss it onto one of the legs.

    Step 8. Spread it around the boot. Make it semi thick.

    Step 9. Do the other leg if you feel froggy. (I did, because I plan on making something over on)

    Step 10. This one I sort of left part of the original boot exposed. Makes it look like the Nurgle rot isn't finished consuming his armor, or ....maybe it's because it isn't 'armor"on his boot!!!!

    Step 11. using a toothpick, or a dental pick, or a needle, Poke three holes into the GS, two up top, one below.(Keepthat GS wet and the tool also!)

    Step 12. using said tool above, ((make it wet and moisten the GS!!!)) Go ahead and begin pulling the GS down and up, shaping it into stretched skin over his boot, or even a Nurglized faze mutated into the boot.

    Step 13. Watching yer hands on the boots, move back up to the gut and using that tool (moist i am hoping) remoisten the GS on the gut, and begin making it Nurgley..I poked a few holes in it, tore the tool downward, ripping holes into the mutation, I deepened the fold in the gut, making it look like stretched skin..go wild. be creative.

    Step 14. Okay, mini down, grab that left arm with the shoulderpad on it. Take another small pice of wet GS and put it on the shoulderpad.

    Step 15. Spread it out with a nice smooth and very wet tool. Leave it semi thick on the outside of the pad.

    Step 16. Grab a ballpoint pen, (medium, not fine) and poke anouther three holes in the GS. Two up top, one below (Nurgle's symbol)

    Step 17. Wet the blunt end of a paintbruch, nothing huge, but something thicker than the pen tip. Wet it down and poke it into the holes, and spin it. (it'll widen the holes....into pustule pock holes... or popped blisters.)

    Step 18. Not bad, but it's too....clean.

    Step 19. Using a smooth edged tool (butter knife, razor blade blunt edge, dental burnisher etc) push the GS around the edges down, and slightly inward, making the popped rim of the open sores.

    Step 20. No that's not a smiley face, you're Chaos, act ike it!

    Step 21. Using said toothpick, or needle, drag it (wet) down the edge of the rim of the pustule and create striations in the mutation.

    Step 22. now poke into the GS surrounding the three holes, and poke in, then dragon down slightly, creating a texture on the GS.

    Quick and simple, I hope this guide help you somewhat in turning those random Chaos space marines into the Nurgle Boys.

    Feel free to C&C..this was mainly set up for one person who requested it.

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    Sho: out.

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    It's looking nice so far, I'm actually in the middle of some slightly-less-complicated GS work right now, keep us updated!

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