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    Nurgle Terminators

    Meh jsut thought I'd post and let you know about a way to make good looking well scalled terminators affilliated with nurgle

    my way consists of taking an obliterators body for the basis of the model. you get a good scale, it fits well with the new terminator plastic range for weapons and you get a good nurgle look from the mass and armour flesh meld look

    you can add whaever head suits you, plague bearers, normal terminators, CSM nurgle champ heads or olbit heads..anything you can fit in or model that looks good. those i mentioned are just the easiest

    For the arms you have the full terminator range to choose from. personally I reccomend avoiding the reaper, its not the best fit for nurgle and it seems out of place on the model to me. however to each their own.

    for best results i reccomend the nurgle deamon lords shoulder pads. fill the inside with some green stuff then pin and they should fit well and give the model the right sort of bulk you need.

    for those with a bit of extra cash to splash on this project it's possible to make a very nice and well looking close combat terminator with a little extra work.

    take the oblit body as standard and add the nurgle deamon prince head to it.
    Now on the left arm place the lightning claw arm from the 2007 metal chaos terminator lord and then using green stuff to fill the bulk and pin to hold in place add a nurgle deamon prince shoulder pad on top of that shoulder.
    the right arm is trickeir. first you need a spare terminator arm that you don't mind butchering. i reccopmend thunder hammer arms.. its easier and better posed.
    cut off the hand and any cords then pin the arm in place. next take the talon of horus and pin it to the arm. again add the nurgle deamon prince shoulder pad. if your good add some green stuff around the talon of horus to either give it a more nurgle-esq look or to blend the join better.

    finnally to the top of the oblit add three round blobs of green stuff then culpt to look like the nurlge icon.

    you can add nurglings to the base for a further look but you either need only one or two..or you need a base OF nurglings to ge the right look

    i current;ly have 5 moddeled nurgle terminators, one as stated at the end here using the more elaborate method to make a lightning clawed terminator (i made it before the new plastic range came out) and the rest are a mix of the plastic range and oblit bodys.

    one last note is that with some filing and green stuff the left obliterator arms can make very good power fists or chain fists

    let me know what you think. i will try and add pictures later on

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    Sounds like a very good guide! 8Y Now you've just tempted me to try it out on my newly bought CC terminators...

    Pictures would be awesome by the way, can't wait to see some! *reps*


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