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Thread: New Daemons...

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    New Daemons...

    well, ive been quite anxious to get the new daemons going...
    so regardless that the 'dex hasnt been released. ive been planning on what im gonna do...
    i decided i wanted to represent the four chaos gods in a single army (wich is NOT an easy task...)

    i decided id create 4 daemon princes for the gods...

    my idea was to take a keeper of secrets and cut off its legs at the bottom of its stomach and
    some how give it the 6 breasted serpant body... but im not to sure how...

    for the nurglitch daemon i wanted to give it a fly head and add a couple of limbs and possibly FLY insect wings... not to sure how to do that either...

    the khornate daemon i was probably just gonna take a daemon prince add a couplt of horns, maybe half of a mask type thing. but i wanted to kno how to make the body more... Lanky? but still large of course! kinda like a wherewolf in the sence.

    and lastly the Tzeentch daemon i was gonna use a LoC model and add another head, and possibly electricity comming from its fingers! but i wanted to add more of a tzeentch look to it and im not to sure how to accomplish that...

    as im sure greenstuff is the BEST way to go, but im not to good with it and what not.
    so are their ANY other paths for me to tread?

    please PLEASE contribute ideas and lemme know what you think!

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    Well, for the nurgle fly wings, I do know one trick for it. Take a leaf from outside with a lot of grooves and impressions in it, pour white glue down the middle groove, let it dry, peel off, and trim to perfection
    What does Slaanesh use to fish?
    Haha, wow thats khorney

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    Ah yes, the 4 daemon prince idea. I've had this myself and I'm sure many other people have too . The main problem with using the slaanesh serpent steed body is that its way too small for the KoS body. This is not necessarily a problem though, as in theory daemon princes don't have to be large. I'd use a normal human sized body, possibly that of the slaanesh champion model and somehow make it seem very powerful, probably easiest to portray through painting or surrounding it with dismembered bodies of foes or something similar. Good luck and I'd like to see what you come up with :happy:.

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