am considering a winged seraphim cannonness - I want to give one a jetpack and cloak of st aspira, but can't let myself for fluff reasons. I then thought do a anjelically winged seraphim. and it snowballed - with thorny crown for the mantle of ophelia, and maybe basing it on a 2cm deep base with set in lights - those little gem ones you push once for on and once for off, illuminating her and counting faith points at the same time.

considering using:

Brettonian pegasus wings (large - i want impressive looks for the effort, feathered - very angelic, light for no model falling over, plastic for working easily)

Elven dragon riders cloak - I have one, (bits box gift) it should do the trick (with greenstuff attachments to purity seals on the shoulders)

Seraphim with plasma pistol and power sword - Her legs are close together, (and i have one spare with a bit of paint stripping. Plasma pistol = bad instead of inferno pistol)

Inferno pistol - convert multimelta muzzle/something similar. unsure but unworried.

Sword - find a big meaty one and file it's tang down to be more elegant and curved.

Lights - dunno at this point.

Ideas anyone?