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    Looking for some help for specific parts..

    Aloha LOers.

    I'm currently repainting my Revilers into a mean gritty Iron Hands army.
    I love the fluff behind the Sons of Ferrus Manus and their "play style" so fits "me".

    I know that GW sells the box set of tactical Iron hands, and i've purchased three of them already, but I am working on more than just cookie cutter Iron Handers.

    What i'm looking for, is the Necromunda Pit Slavers. GW's Bits are gone, so I can't purchase just the arms,(which sucks). And I can't seem to find any website that sells the box set of the slavers.
    I'm asking if anyone knows a website that would have the Pit Slavers boxes, (OR BITS) for sale, or anywhere that sells necromunda boxes at all?

    The Slavers come with bionic arms, One arm with a huge Saw blade, one with a pincher claw thing, one with a pneumatic hammer, one with a huge chainsaw, etc.

    And before you hit that REPLY button to tell me this should be in the Trader Zone,...I tried.. it says no more listings allowed. so /shrug (Unless my permissions aren't set to use it, but I tried darn it >.< ) I'm really looking for just links to sites that would have the product, but if someone has them for trade or has the bitz lying around, i'll be happy to trade for them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sho: out.

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    Damn. I was planning on using these for orks, actually - let me know if you find anywhere!

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