Hello Everyone,
as a product of too much spare time I've decided to build a new 6 by 6 gaming board, the thing is when it's not being used I'm going to build a bretonnian village on top of it and I was wondering if you guys had any wisdom to impart. In the village there will be :
Peasent's houses
A stables
A pub
A blacksmiths
A chapel
Wooden Walls
A surrounding forest area
A few crops and such
Stocks for criminals
A gallows
A stake for witch burning

Filled with teeming filthy peasents built up using mordheim frenzied mobs, Bretonnian M@A and Empire militia. The town will be in all respects alive, filed with little details (stray dogs running about, children running, a monk preaching, a drunk vomiting against the pub, a snotling plotting in the surrounding forest, a knight and his squires hunting wolves that sort of thing). So if any of you have any suggestions for the village of chantillions they are more than welcome.

The buildings will be made from balsa wood covered in textured paint with thatched rooves (the village is located in the Forest of Chalons so that explains the predominance of wooden structures as opposed to stone with the exception of the city walls and the grail church)

Thanks in advance,