So as I posted in the Miniature Exchange forum my goal was to take an ordinary marine and make him a bit more special. My initial goal was to pose a figure so that he looked to be in a situation of danger and in need of evacuation. After playing around for a bit I decided on a sitting pose and was to have him tucked behind some ruined walls.

This was probably my most ambitious chopping of a marine that I have done. I wish I worked a bit more in positioning his legs and arms but I think it works for what it is. I know it isn't perfect and I have definitely learned from this experience. I probably spent just as long trying to pose the figure as I did painting it.

I have also realized that I am glad I am not painting a whole ary of fists. I don't particulary like painting yellow... though I think I captured the feel of the Imperial Fist marine and I am particularly fond with how the weathering turned out.

Comments and critiques are always welcome. A bit of an ambitious project and a lot of lessons were learned.