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    All possible building materials?

    So one day I'm cutting up my foam holding cells in my carrying case to fit my predator tank and I'm wondering to myself: "What can I do with this material?"

    I don't have any foamboard or the plasticard stuff that people have been talking about, but seeing as I have recently moved I have tons upon tons of cardboard and boxes at my disposal! So, armed with some superglue, I set to work on a new project.

    This is what I've got so far.


    Now that I have sort of the basic frame figured out, I'm trying to think about what else I could add on for immediate "visual effect".


    Although the ramp isn't long enough for a model to stand on now, I could always extend it so it would be level enough for them to stand on.

    I'm also curious as to if cardboard is a good material to make scenery out of; as far as making buildings goes? Any insight on this, LO folk?


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    Nice work on finding out how to use those last over scraps. Huzzah to another innovative scenerist.(new word)

    1. Like the ay you used them in whole pieces, not cutting them into single sections,.

    2. THe ramp is a bit steep, i agree. Maybe a bigger ramp and more grade on the slope?

    3. Cardboard is not my first choice in scenery materials for a few reaons. most cardboard is one layer of the wavy "center piece" and two cardboard paper covers. one per side. THis type is much much too flexible and too thin to be used on scenery that is going to be used on a normal basis (> once a month. )

    they have been known to send out/use "double thick" Cardboard, (essentially two pieces glued together for stability and durability.

    This stuff I have used. It's not good for making something that you want to look pristine. But ruined buildings, and breached bunkers, and whatnot. If you're looking to make some nice, smooth pieces that show no sign of war or destruction, then you'll want to not use the cardboard without using some plaster
    (another whole option altogether - Use cardboard, cover in plaster, let dry, sand with sandpaper )

    but all in all, if you are a casual at-home player and don't intend on 10-20 pewter models standing on that single layer cardboard, then it's perfect.

    One last thing you may want to look into. If you plan on having others use this terrain at your place or wherever, and they have spent alot of time, painting and preparing their models, and they are pewter, you may want to reinforce the cardboard with another layer.

    Just my two imperial coins..
    Sho: out.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, Either should good scenery.

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