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    WIP Salamanders Librarian and Emps Champ

    Ok first up the Lib. Nothing special here.

    I simply replaced the Eagle head on his staff with a lizard skull from a REAPER Lizard Man Shaman. I had meant to put a Alpha Legion shoulder pad on him but in my haste to pack for my current vacation I didn't bring enough.

    Then we have the Salamanders Emperor's Champion.

    **Please note I would have liked to have shown you more pictures but my CP995 decided it was going to have issues after 3 pictures this morning **

    Didn't turn out quite the way I wanted but still works in the end I think. And yes I stink at GS

    I used the head from a REAPER "pack lizard" (part of the Lizard Man line). I cut the head off to be about the same length as a beekie helmet then rounded off the back. Since Sals are supposed to be great artisan and Artificers I figured it would make a good, stylized helmet.

    I then used this guys fore-arms and hammerhead:

    to create "scaled" armor on the fore-arms and a big hammer head for the "Black Hammer".

    I then connected the fore-arms to plastic upper-arms with 1/16 brass rod. I then created the shaft of the hammer with a length o 1/16 brass rod which I wrapped in green stuff in an attempt to simulate leather wrapping around the handle.

    I filled in the elbow area's with green stuff and then used a needle to give them that "soft armor" look you see on marines already. Though you can't see that in the pictures I don't think.

    Shoulder pads were a LotD fire pad and then the 1 Alpha Legion pad I actually remembered to bring with me.

    Now the EC's head hasn't gone over so well thru the reviews I have recieved so 2 thing are happening with it.

    1. I'm adding some rebreather tubing down the chin line to try and make it more "helmet" looking.

    2. I have a "Mark 2" version of this guy in the works, with a different helmet and hammer.

    Normally these pictures would be on my Duck Blind site (see my sig), but I'm on vacation and am unable to access my site for updates from where I am at, so I have em stashed on some other webspace for now.

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    that looks great but i dont really like the head on the champion.... it doesnt look like a helmet to me, just a deformation.... yet again i dunnno the fluff very well, so it might be ok, the other parts of the champion mini look really good and the librarian's simple conversion looks good. btw i like the miniatures on your page :]

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