Pimping out my CSM for this Year's GT and Khorne Raptors help - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Pimping out my CSM for this Year's GT and Khorne Raptors help

    I have decided to go to this year's GT in November and was going to get a new army to take with me. However, instead of this I have decided to spend the money on blinging up my army with lots of FW stuff.

    Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas on how to make the army look even better (parts/conversions/etc) that they may have seen on their travels.

    At the moment I am thinking:

    Belakor as Slaanesh DP

    Nurgle DP model

    2 Rhinos with deathguard and world eater bling doors

    8 Berserkers with FW new upgrade set

    8 PMs with FW upgrade set

    8 Normal PMs (already done and painted well)

    2 Oblits (stuck on this one - any ideas? Maybe using the new Nurgle/Khorne FW terminators as a base???)

    6 ML Havoks

    6 HB Havoks

    Any suggestions on the above appreciated.

    I would particularly like some opinions on how to best make some new Khorne Raptors. I am thinking Berserkers with FW upgrade sets with either wings/jump packs or the old raptor metal wings. Does anyone know how easy the new raptor jump packs are to put on normal marines? Is is possible?

    I also really want at least some of them to have the appearance of 'flying' off the base (similar to the new raptors). How difficult is this to achieve and anyone have any tips for doing this? I'm not too hot with Greenstuff but I have a friend that may be able to help (he is far too good with it!) with a little bribery.

    Anyways, any suggestions on any of this much appreaciated.


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    Raptor Jump Packs on normal models are fine, but use some Green Stuff, to hold them both together, (A Little bit is fine.) Also, you might want to stick a coin or something onto the base, if you want to balance the weight of the Jump Pack on the Model.

    You could also try and get your hands on some of the Winged Jump Pavks from the Possessed Box sets. (Maybe for your Champion, if you are taking one.)

    As for flying of the base, my only suggestion is to use a piece of metal to connect one of the model' s shoes, (Or its Jump Pack), to the Base.

    You could also try using Green Stuff to add flames, emitting from the Jump Pavks themselves, as this would look great on the Khorne Models. (Presuming that you are painting red on them.)

    Have Fun!
    I Bring You Grains Of Truth!

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