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    Member Hobbit88's Avatar
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    Quick, Easy and Cheap Scenery?

    G'morning one and all.

    At the moment I've been debating making some really quick and cheap terrain, however it's the first terrain I've tried to make for a while, with previous attempts ending up in the bin. It's going to be taken to a tournament in August to populate tables, so I want them to be the best I can make.

    However, I'm returning to work next week after having a broken leg for 8 weeks and will be short on time so I'm trying to get as much made this week as possible.

    I'm going for an urban / industrial theme, since it can hopefully be the beginning for a Cities of Death expansion.

    Stuff I intend to make:
    Fuel Tanks - Made from Aerosol lids with straw for piping.
    Ruins - GW Ruins I got with Imperial Guard Battleforces.
    Hive Node - Macragge Nid scenery on a base with lots of goo.
    Gas Storage - Some sweet tubs turned upside down, with PVC piping as vents
    Fusion Reactors - Lego Bionicle Tub Lids. Using the idea I saw on the Plymouth Wargames club website.
    Landing Pad - The one I'm most excited for. Using a square sweet tub lid and some dowelling, with a ramp / ladder.
    Fountain - A CD spindle with water effect and a heroic miniature in the middle.

    So I'm writing for 3 purposes:

    1. Does anyone have any quick, easy and cheap scenery ideas? I've had a good look around this site and there's some really good things I intend to try (cracked fuel tanks and the fountain).

    2. When I've based terrain previously using hardboard, then sand glued to the top, I find it doesn't look natural... too flat and boring. Is there something I'm doing wrong by gluing *just* Sand? I've got some plaster filler than I was told can add texture to board etc. so my idea was to coat the base with that and make the surface un-even... Or would I be better to use fine gravel? All suggestions welcome.

    3. When undercoating scenery, would I be better to use GW Roughcoat to add the texture, or Black Spray and leave untextured? I need to get a *lot* of scenery (enough to fill 2 boards) completed very quickly, but also look good.

    Thanks in advance to all those offering help, I'll be sure to take picture of the completed pieces, or maybe even take some WIP stuff and write a blog of it!

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    LO Zealot gauss_storm's Avatar
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    Hello Hobbit, I really recommend you go and pick up some insulation foam from your hardware store. It's really cheap and very workable, as for cheap and easy terrain I actually made a guide on how to make rubbled terrain. Seen here.

    The other more experienced terrain chefs will most likely be around shortly to assist you

    : D good luck and best wishes.

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    Scenery Shogun Shonuff's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by gauss_storm View Post
    ....The other more experienced terrain chefs will most likely be around shortly to assist you...

    No need Gauss.. You said exactly what I would have done told him.

    My sentiments added, Good luck and I hope to see some terrain!!
    Sho: out.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, Either should good scenery.

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