Hey all,

I'm trying to get to the stage with my Necrons where I can field all available units and the ones I am missing are Wraiths and Tomb Spyders...

Personally, I hate using metal models, I find they take far more time to assemble, prime and are much harder to convert. To top it off, I drive my car like a maniac and transport my armies in box files... so metal models are prone to chipping.

Anyway, I've seen a lot of conversions around online turning plastic Necron Warriors into Flayed Ones, Immortals and even Pariahs. What I've not seen done often is Wraiths.

My plan is to attack as to purchase some spare Necron Warriors and Scarabs off eBay (4 in total), along with 3 Necron Destroyers.

Making the Tomb Spyder:
Body: I'll use the floating platforms from the destroyers as the body, along with some plasticard legs.
Face: To make the 'Face' of the Spyder, I'll either Green stuff onto plasticard or hack up some Scarabs.
Weapons: Combat claws from Plasticard, attached to spare Necron Warrior arms. Particle projector can be made from leftover Gauss Guns, or for a bulkier version - the Destroyer's Gauss Cannon.

Making Wraiths:
Head: Necron Warrior Head
Torso: Necron Destroyer Body
Weapons: Spare Warrior Arms with Plasticard Claws
Tail: Unsure of this... I have a few ideas:
Idea 1: Greenstuff tail over wire. Only problem is it'll be a lot of work to make it robotic, and I'll have to leave it to set for a while.
Idea 2: Bass Guitar String capped off with a Destroyer Spine tip, however since it's very unflexible, I'll be making the Wraith look like it's phasing through some terrain like a rock / ruin.
Idea 3: Jet propelled Wraiths... Simple as. Dunno what I'd make the jet from however, maybe a Gauss cannon?
Idea 4: Very small tail (Destroyer Spine), poking out of long flowing robes, similar to that of a Necron Lord.

With the left over Warrior bits, I'll make a couple of objective Markers or Cities of Death Stratagems ready for a Summer Tournament.

So what do people think of the idea, and any suggestions or advice? I'm not trying to replicate the metal models in plastic form, simply representing them with plastic components. Help will be VERY appreciated with regards to the Wraith's tails....

Thanks in advance to everyone