i am a kind of veteran player of dwarfs and have played them for some time now...

i was wondering how people paint there dwarfs i paint mine like this:-

1) all the metalic bits < weapon, axe, crossbow, armour. (my colur tin bitz)

2) all the rims round the edge of the armour (chainmail)

3) the cloth of the clan (graveyard earth highlited with kammondo khaki highlited with bleached bone)

4) the shaft of the weapon (graveyard earth)

5) the face - any colours that are suitable for the beard and obviously dwarf flesh

6) sheild (tin blitz and chainmail)

this is how i paint my dwarfs and i really enjoy the painting part of the hobbie so if you have any advice on my painting technique please dont hesistate to message back...

thanks alot
P.S do u like my colour scheme might post some pics very soon.

ungrim (chris)