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    Need help getting certain colors!

    Hey guys,

    I basically was wondering if any more experienced painters out there could give me some tips regarding how to paint these 3 schemes - choosing the color will be own personal dillema - but if people tell me how to paint them, I believe it will help me make a choice - whatever process seems more fun and interesting is going to influence my choice a lot! Hope you guys can help me out - I have 3 choices and some images here to show you what I mean. I got 2 of these from the Tau Codex, and one actually from a Tau fan website/Tau Special Character

    1. Au'Taal Sept

    From the Codex, these guys stood out because they are slightly darker than most Tau, but light enough to suit the army and show the detail. The Tau armor seems very Japanese Samurai influenced to me, and this red armor reminds me of the armor Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) wears in "The Last Samurai", which was pretty awesome.
    The Codex lists the Armor color as "Terracotta" and the Cloth color as Kommando Khaki. Does that seem right to you guys? Just from looking at the Terracotta color (online) it seems like it may be a little darker than pictured - and I definately do not want to get any darker than in that picture.
    What color basecoat would I use to do this Sept? And what would be the best way for me to achieve this color scheme as pictured?

    2. D'Yanoi Sept

    Also from the Codex, I like this scheme because it reminds me of the T'au Sept desert colors, but is different enough that I won't get bored of it (I always get bored of the "main" colors for each race, just because of seeing them so much - although the 'new' Ultramarines do look nice!)
    My main question is how would I get this color? The Codex says the Armor is Graveyard Earth while the Cloth is Desert Yellow - would this be correct? What process would I use to achieve this color scheme?

    3. "Storm Trooper" Scheme

    I got this scheme from the TauOnline Website. Great looking scheme in my opinion - just I was worried that inevitably I would have to do the dreaded white over black layering - is this true - or is there a faster way that could achieve the same color effect?
    Is White Primer an option - than painting over it with Skull White and highlighting the black after - or would I have to suck it up and just primer it black, and then do what I do for my Black Templar-style Space marines - gradually go down lighter shades of grey and then a few coats of white. It is my impression that primering the model black, and then gradually lighting the armor would create a nicer result than the white primer option, as it with my space marines.
    The Shadowsun model has some nice highlighting on the black parts - is this simply dryrbrushing fortress grey onto the black parts - or more precise highlighting.
    4. Not a Sept or Color scheme, but a general question - I am an okay painter once I get painting, but I am not very good at figuring out what I need to do. Which of these color schemes would be the easiest for a novice painter to do well?

    I have read some color schemes are much harder to make look good then others - it seems that the Au'Taal Red Tau (#1) would be the easiest to make look good, followed by the D'Yanoi (#2) and finally the white (#3), but I am not sure. Any insight into this?

    I know this is a very long message, but I hope a few people can offer there opinion on how I can get started - I am very excited and am looking forward to start painting! Hopefully I will be able to read some of your responses soon!

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    When you are dealing with paints they look different when they are wet and not dry, they also look different when they are online and not dry. I think that if you use terracotta for the first colour scheme you will get an effect like that. Colour schemes in the codex books are usually designed that they can be copied with GW paints. You will just need to make sure you use the right highlights, I'm not sure what they are.

    I think to deal with the second colour scheme you can probably get it by following what the codex says about the colours. I think you should remember that GW uses white spray undercoat on almost everything they paint. Depending on if white or black is used there tend to be differing effects. White gives a very vibrant effect and black is more dull. Also you will need to be very smooh in how you apply the paint. Tau are covered with flat, smooth surfaces. If the paint isn't applied quite evenly it will show. I would suggest two light coats of paint instead of one thick one.

    To get the white effect of the third lot you should use a white spray to start with. Then go and paint in all the areas which need to shading. Use slightly watered down black for this and don't be too worried about the black getting on the areas that you don't want it. Once this is done go over the white areas with white paint and cover up any mistakes made with the black. All you need to do is leave some of the black in the cracks and they will be done.

    Which of these is the easiest. I think that if you are patient and have a steady hand the white (stormtrooper) one is the easiest. The white colour scheme has the advantage of not needing any highlights, white is the lightest of all possible colours. Once you have done the shading and touched up the white you will be done, no poking for hours with a fine detail brush to highlight every piece of armour. Of the first two they are fairly similar. What could be a problem is the strong contrast in colours they both use. If you think you can avoid the two colours getting on places you don't want then you could try one of them. However they need to get highlights all over thier armour, unlike the white.

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