Here is a tutorial on how I make my Choppers for my White Scars
1)Assemble chassis and wheels then cut off the front wheel
be careful to make it flush

2)Use your hobby knife to make guide holes in the center where the spokes will go
then drill them out using a bit slighly larger than the rod you will use

3) Cut a notch behind the spokes on the chassis and using pliers bend them up

bent up, you only need to bring the spokes up a little bit to make the bike even

4) Take your plastic rod and cut two equal pieces about an 1" to 1" 1/4 long
you can also use the plastic protectors that come with a new paintbrush

5) Put plastic glue on the end of one side of the rods and insert them into the holes
made in the chassis spokes and let dry completely make sure they are even
and line up straight at this point

6) Then put glue on the other side of the spokes and put them into the hole you
made in the wheel spokes

7) Add handlebars,bottom and faring and you are done

7a) You can skip this step if you want but I take a small amout of g/s and neaten
up where I cut and bent the spokes if you look close at the pic(7) you'll see
where I put grey stuff