You know how it goes: you unpack your 40k stuff after a long time away for work, and as you spread everything out to see how they look again... you get a sudden flash fo inspiration to RIGHT THEN AND THERE do some little conversion work. [at least I hope its not just me]

Its been a while, and I was rusty. So these are really minor repair and addon conversions to things I already had. One was my Shas'El, whose flying base prong broke off in a rather embarrasing location, and the other was my poor-mans' O'shovah, who was looking for a suitable sword.

: I guess I always wanted to do this for a 'flying' crisis suit, as the plan apparently was lurking in the back of my mind this whole time just waiting for an opportunity/excuse to try it out. The 'Els pose was severely off balance before, and the angle of its legs wouldnt permit any other pose than the 'superman'. Its had to tell from this front angle, but theres something special goin on back there.

O'Shovah: You may remember this Crisis as the temp mount for my 'lit up shield generator'- but his paint scheme was always going to be an old and worn out O'Shovah Suit- But he never had a suitable Dawn Blade. Its hard to see as well from front-on, but I'm rather proud of its end resulting looks.

Heres a better view.

Shas'El: The superman pose is more obvious now, and now you can see my silly idea for a mount: clear base rods as columns of Jet air shooting out. Since I did one, I had to do them all, yaknow? I plan on having static grass splayed out around the one jet blast thats mounted to the base- showing the wind scattering the grass in all directions- I think that'd be a kewl effect, dont you?

O'Shovah: I wanted a Dawn blade that hinted strongly at Eldar-eyness. So I used Eldar parts, and worked some carefull dremel 'bonesinging' [ ] Bonus points if you can identify those Eldar bits!

And heres a closeup.
'El: See the air bubbles in the flying base rods? heres what I'm thinking: I can carefully dremel away the base, so that the lower ends of those bubbles would be clipped away, leaving a cone shaped pit at the end to better prepresent jet-blast. Coloring or paint/inking it seems rather challenging, and so I may just let the clearness of the rods signify the presence of disturbed air, and leave them as-is. If the exposed bubble effect looks as good as I envision it, I will dig through the rest of my flying base bits and find more closely matching bubbles.

O'Shovah: Its hard to see from this angle, but the blade is sunk into the lower part of the Crisis forearm, and it looks like a quite believeable Dawn Blade, wouldnt you say? I didnt like the fantasy Tomb Kings Kopesh-style blade that the actualk model has, as it didnt scream "eldar intrigue" as loudly as this does.