Modelling 'Iron Men' - androids from the Age of Strife - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Modelling 'Iron Men' - androids from the Age of Strife

    I'm looking to convert an army of 'Iron Men', the robotic soldiery used by humans in their first, pre-Imperium expansion across the galaxy. The original thread's here: ('Iron Men' Army - Androids from the age of Strife)

    I have found these Knight Titans, and think with some conversion they'd do well for a starting point;

    I know they're a bit dull at the moment, but I'll try to sex them up a bit. Swapping the weapon on the right arm with a boltgun, etc. Also, other minis from the Titan line might be good for other units such as terminators, but I'm not so familiar with the range. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of the titans with pics, or have suggestions?

    I'll be using the Space Marine list for stats, as despite the Iron Men being 15,000 years old, I believe the technology will be very similar, as they were active at the end of the Dark Age of Technology.

    There hasn't been much in the way of advancement in tech level for the Imperium in millennia, but I do notice that there are still differences between, the CSM list, who don't have access to some of the SM's toys like Jump packs, and Storm Bolters (I think Chaos use older 'Combi-Bolters?'). I won't worry too much about things that won't be modelled, like ammunition, but I don't want to fall in the trap of modelling anything that hasn't been created yet.

    Another thought I had was of heraldry. I have seen from a lot of pre-heresy modelling a tendency to do away with a lot of heraldry, no doubt because what they symbolise isn't appropriate for the time period. Winged Skulls come to mind - Winged Skull motifs are representative of loyalists in service to their dead/near-dead Emporer, right? I read somewhere that this is a reason for the ubiquitous skull designs in Imperial design. So covering them in skulls to make them look Imperial might not be inappropriate, for example.

    Thanks for any suggestions. The period of history that the Iron Men come from is poorly documented, so any tidbits or well thought out guesses would be big plusses.

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    Wow, these guys are actually pretty damn cool.
    Old school epic I presume?

    With a few weapon upgrades adn maybe some reposing of the legs,
    they would great looking for droids.
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    i thought of doing the same thing but using necrons as a base for them

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