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    Farseer on jetbike

    Ive come up with a cool way to use a Farseer on a jetbike but I dont have a model and I cant seem to find one I can buy

    So my question is how do you make a farseer on a jetbike?

    Any and all advice or tips are welcome

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    The easiest place to start when making farseer conversions for jetbikes is here:
    1 Farseer/warlock of your choosing
    1 shining spear model
    use legs and control arm from shining spear
    cut farseer at the waist and left shoulder
    cut the left arm at the hand and match it up with the control arm of the SS
    cut this arm off so only the hand is left and enough arm to make the robe sleeve sit flush
    reattach the left arm at a suitable position
    green stuff some robes for his legs
    use green stuff to fill in the gaps and finish off any unfilled corners

    Most of all be patient, this can be hard and it will fall apart a lot during construction. Just stick with it and pin everything!If you have made a horrible mistake and positioned the model incorrectly then you can always just break it apart and pray the good details are still there.
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    Easiest way to make a jetbike Farseer?

    High Elf Mage box from WFB, here at:
    Games Workshop

    I know from experience. Use the legs for the mounted mage, only file away at the insides. They won't fit on the jetbike properly without some work - try to "thin" the cloth around the legs out using a file, a knife, or a Dremel. Take your time, and check often to see if you're removed enough plastic.

    After that, just assemble the torso and arms as you see fit, and you can use a Guardian or Dire Avenger head for the helm. I took off the bit with the handlebars, and instead glued on one of the "Spirit stones" that come with Eldar tanks - I figure, if a Farseer can use his mind to burn out other beings' minds, or see into the future to pull on the "thread of fate" that holds an enemy's demise, he can pilot his Jetbike without using his hands =)

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