Well, I got the Necron Phalanx from eBay for an amazingly cheap price( not even equivalent of 2 battleforces) and I have decided my army's colour's long ago.

My Tau are hawk turqouise and I want my Crons to look something close. My plan is to spray paint black, add a base coat onto their shoulderpads, armor, etc. with boltgun and then do some cool highlighting with hawk turq. Would it be a good idea? My friend says Necrons (warriors specifically) are hard to highlight.

Another problem is the monolith. I want to do the same kind of scheme in the codex (Dark angel's and snot green as highlights on edges), but instead use hawk turq and a lighter shade to make good highlights. But what about the Gauss jewels? Will the green make it look a little strange? Is it possible to paint the Gauss rods?

They should get here this week!