If anyone has seen Pake's Death Guard army they might have a better idea of the effect I wish to apply to Chaos Warriors.

Bored with the usual ink-washed metal seen on Nurgle Warriors I decided to use a different scheme...starting from a black undercoat each armour plate will be painted scorched brown and from this I will add the stripes using Graveyard Earth mixed with Scorched Brown moving up to Bleached Bone etc. and then a few glazes.
using various greens as a secondary colour with maybe purple as a spot colour..

I am currently considering a mix of green plates with the original bone ones and these would be worked up from a mix of Catachan Green and Camo Green and this would 'break' up some of the armour I think it might look particularly effective on the helmets.

Has anyone seen this done before on Chaos Warriors (pictures)?
What colours do you think should be used to paint the cape, boots etc?