Hello. I have just finished 9 models of my Deathwatch Kill Team....I hope to use them in large Apoc games....anyway I am going to go with a Librarian vice the Captain. I have painted a ton of Librarians over my 3 years(well 4...two bike one termie and one footslogging) Not sure if I want to stray from the blue or not.
He will be either scratch built or the staff holding new model that has the book open. I don't like his pose...not exactly sneaking along to kill the alien now is he...BUUUTTT I have the model.
He will be of the DA Chapter....soooo
Black or Blue?
Black with a blue shoulder pad?
Just looking for idea's while I sort through a decent pose and start cutting marines to pieces to get it.
My Kill team is of pretty decent quality and I want this model to be striking...so black may not do it.
Thanks for the input.