hi all ive recently been building my current daemonhunters army which is to be an allied army, allies being space marines! i started of with an idea of converting some custodian guard for a pre heresy army which mine will be
however i'm finding that in order to convert 1 model its very time consuming so ive re-thought my original idea, which is to build my own chapter (rune slayers)
based on the 13th company rules, armour design. but i dont want to use wulfen! so ive decided to go for jet bikes 5 to be exact! similiar to those of the pre heresy emperors children.
so really i'm just seeking ideas on how to convert up some bikes and a colour scheme for the overall army, thought about black but i think it will look to much like the black legion or templars which is not what i want i'm also thinkin of using some of the chaos marauder parts to add the extra pre heresy warrior effect!

Cheers for now nick!