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Thread: Blood Angels

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    Well, I'm starting a Blood Angels army, and here is what I have to paint (everything is glued together, some stuff is already painted)...I decided what colors I'm going to paint the heads (to give it a sense of organization).

    1 Terminator Chaplain
    2 Terminators w/ storm shield and thunder hammer
    2 Terminators w/ lightning claws
    1 Terminator Captain
    1 Terminator w/ flamer
    3 Terminators with powerfist
    (all termie helmets will be blue)
    2x 10 Man Tactical Squads (helmets will be black)
    1x 10 Man Assault Squad (/w jump packs, helmets will be gold)
    1 Furioso Dreadnought
    2 Land Raiders
    1 Whirlwind

    Any advice? I've primed everything black and have brushed on a coat of blood angels red on everything (i like the look from painting more than spraying). I kind of want to go with a crimson type of color, a dark red.
    I want 'em to look ancient and stuff, make their army beaten up and chipped looking. Any tips on how to do this or walkthroughs (preferably walkthroughs) would be much appreciated.

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    I believe in the old Angels of death codex they go over what color the various helmets are.
    Troop = red
    Fast Attack = Yellow
    Heavy support = Blue
    Elite = ? (I think white would look good.)
    HQ = ?

    To give em a chipped armor look just give various edges a thin bolt gunmetal trim.
    I remember reading a bit in a white dwarf not too long ago about it. I’ll see if I can’t locate the issue #.
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