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    vallejo water effect - tips and tricks?

    Hi everyone,

    I got me a pot of Vallejo water, it's quite a thick white gel, suitable for sculpting apparently and I have two issues.

    One - general tips on using the bugger - I have a fountain I want to fill with water so any help is appreciated.

    two - It doesn't seem to set clear, more white! I put a lump on a piece of hardboard to dry, nothing larger than a big pea I suppose but it's set with clear edges and still white inside - is this right? Is mine bust or do I need to do something different?

    Thanks for your time, hope your own modeling projects are going well

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    I've had water effect take several days to dry before, simply because of how thick it was. The beer cooler on the back of my basilisk, in fact, was over a quarter of an inch deep in it, took about a week. Best bet is to go with thin layers, I think. I know on the Vallejo site they've got a tutorial for using their water effect.

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    The water effects starts white and cures dry-clear.
    The problem is that it needs oxygen to dry out/turn clear.

    When using water effects or any type of resin, it's key to allow all of it to get oxygenated. I usually pour or paint mine on in layers. Yes, it takes a bit longer, but it prevents having a beautiful water piece with a solid white chunk in the middle that's opaque and ruining the "effect".

    THe peas size chunk may not be the best way to test it.

    get a bottle of soda, or water, and take the cap off, paint the inside of the cap a color.
    then paint/pour a THIN layer of the water effects into it, allowing it to dry.
    See if there is a difference that the "pea test".

    hope this helps.

    (once you get the hang of the WE , you're going to be so stoked to use it EVERYWHERE.) Enjoy.
    Sho: out.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, Either should good scenery.

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