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    Seraphim variants?

    So as I work on my new marines list (which I will finish once I have the $&@^# codex!) I'm thinking a unit of seraphim wouldn't be out of the question.

    After reading up, I see it's a good idea to give the VSS an eviscerator, and I also like the idea of a seraphim with inferno pistols (though not in the same squad).

    Course, looking at GW's Web site, I see neither option available. Did they ever make these, or am I going to have to convert? What's the best way to make either of these?

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    What is the difference between a chain sword and an evicerator? The evicerator is merely two handed. I just use the chain sword model as-is, because the grip looks long enough for two hands (though I used green stuff to turn the plasma pistol into a bolt pistol), but you could always extend it to emphasise the difference.

    As for inferno pistols, they are really easy --- the only bit of modeling I have done that actually looks right! I took the hand flamer model, snipped off the container at the bottom, then green-stuffed the barrel to make it look more like a meltagun's barrel. Extremely easy, and from a beginners perspective it was highly rewarding.

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    I took a straight blade from a CSM chainsword and mounted it on the Superior's power sword hilt. It's large and looks more destructive than standard imperial chainswords.

    Inferno pistol:
    Replace hand flamer barrels with multi-melta or melta gun ones. Bolt pistols can work if you want different poses, but the gun itself looks better when hand flamers are used.
    Also, the Canoness and Dante have inferno pistols, although those are harder to acquire.

    If you prefer the other style of inferno pistol (see below), cut Kroot rifles down to pistol size and add GS flames.
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