painting eldar like on pg 227 of rulebook in red - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    painting eldar like on pg 227 of rulebook in red


    I'm looking for some help with attaining the effect used on the eldar on page 227 of the rulebook, but in tones of red.

    i first like to get a detailed explaination on how to do the technique and then on what colors of red i need to use.

    Can you help me, please.

    it's needed kinda urgent. sorry.

    MvG, vindicator.

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    I am not an expert painter but this is just what I think would work.

    1. Basecoat black.
    2. Paint the areas that you want red in mechrite red.
    3. Paint the edges of the armour and the edges of the tank lines in a mix of 1/2 blood red and 1/2 blazing orange
    4. Stipple blood red, red gore, and scab red onto the armour. Do this lightly. The three colors will make that dark and light contrast. Use the blood red sparingly because too much will make the model too bright.
    5. Do other pieces of model however you like.
    (stippling is were you get a crappy brush and put some paint on it. You then get a piece of tissue paper and lightly poke the brush on to the tissue paper. Keep doing this until the bristles on the brush separate and there is a little bit of almost dry paint left on them. This is almost the same process as dry brushing.)

    That should do it. Please post pictures of what you have done, I would like to see it!
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    I've done my entire army in this scheme (blue, not red). SGluciousa's got it basically right, but you really want to do all the edging (panel lines and edges of the models) as the very last step, after you've done all the stippling.

    Also, I found it much easier to take two shades of paint and mix the middle step. For your colour scheme, i'd use a heavy stippling of darkest Red (i used two coats of the darkest colour) a stippling of 1:1 the bright and the dark red then a light stippling of the bright red. Using only two paints and mixing them really harmonizes the colours. they flow better into one another.

    You may also want to re-adjust your stippling by doing a final stipple of either the dark red, or thinned out black if the armor comes off looking too bright.

    Panel lines can be done in one of two ways (i've done both) Either dark or light. I did most of my vehicles panel lines by using a mix of future floor wax and black ink, and letting the FFW follow the lines.

    BUT! I did one falcon with really bright panel lines instead, in my case it was Ice Blue but you could use either an orange or a really bright yellow to make them pop, like it was glowing from underneath.

    I'll update my eldar blog with the latest photos (See my sig) and you can take a look for yourself.

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