Im starting to finish off my army and i require a little help in converting some of the models
some ideas ive started are the priests, the mounted 1 ive changed the staff, using a standard from the skele box set and the animal skull in the same box set just to add some variation.
For the priest on foot i want it to look like he is reading from a scroll, but i need away of making simple scrolls for my priest to hold, as nice as the standard models are having 5 priest who look exactly the same except for some painting details isnt something i really want.

So far ive cut off the sword and am working on repositioning the arm/hand to hold the scroll but i need a simple and effective way of making it look like there is a scroll in his hand that he is reading from. any ideas on how i can do this?

Thanks for any help you can give
Ill keep updating on my progress even if said progress is slow