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Thread: Bases

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    Hey guys, So, to make a long story short, I just recently had to strip some of my eldar of the paint and primer that i had on them, since the primer came out all 'fuzzy'. Now i HAD all my minis (30 guardians, 10 dire avengers, 5 warp spiders, 6 fire dragons, and 7 howling banshees) allready based.. but all that ended up falling off in the simple green i used. Now im not really sure if i want to rebase everything this go around. So well im really after two things here, What do you guys thing, base or no base? And two, since im probibly going to skip repriming them, and use my airgun to spray a red base coat over the full mini, If i do base, anyone know any good things to do with red sand?

    Oh.. but i dont look so good with all those.. tentaclly things..

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    First off, even if you're using a spray gun to base coat them all red, you'll still want to use a primer first. The normal paint won't adhere well to a bare figure, and you'll have to do multiple coats (at best) or will have the paint flake and chip with insane ease.

    As for red sand, I'd hit them with a devlan mud wash and drubrush a couple of increasingly lighter mixtures of vermin fur and bleached bone over them - starting with vermin brown and going maybe two steps toward 80/20 bleached bone/vermin brown.

    Can't stress enough that you should primer those models though. It seems like an unnecessary step with the spray gun, but you'll probably regret it if you don't primer them.

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