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    Some paint help for a noob?

    yeah, Im a pretty major noob, I only started around the end of October . I am doing ok at painting my orks, but I need some help understanding some things. I know how to normally paint, use inks (or washes, w/e you like to call them) and other things. But I have to ask a few questions:

    1) What is the difference between drybrushing and normal painting?
    2) how do you make a Scratch like look to paint? (scraped paintjob look)
    3) How long should you spend on each model on average to paint? I paint my guys about a half hour each after they have finished being primed.
    4) HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PAINT EYES?!??! I even tried with a toothpick and it was too big! Helmetless orks are pretty easy, but when they have helmets on, i end up getting eye paint on the helmet.
    5) how to make paint look like paint. I have trouble trying to make paint on armor look like it is painted on, rather than looking like that is the actual metal.

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    not eactly an expert, being I've only been painting just under a year, but...

    1. Drybrushing is when you get a larger brush than normal (must be bone dry), dip it in paint, wipe most of it off until very little color comes off (use an old, ratty T-shirt spread over your lap for this, also works well for catching stray parts!), then roughly dragging the brush across the surface you want to paint a few times. Less rubbing off = more coverage.

    2. Take a small brush and put it in metallic paint, now, roll the tip on your paper towel/old T-shirt (this is NOT like drybrushing. this step is only to remove excess paint that would make it look splotchy), next, drag the brush across the desired surface, repeat as necessary.

    3. Depends on the quality you're after, and your skill level. Tabletop should take 20-30 minutes, depending on the model. seargent/HQ models should take about 40-50 minutes, as these are bigger (at least for orcs), fancier, and should be painted to a higher standard than others.

    4. A very small brush, using the same technique for getting excess paint off as I described in #2. Helmeted orks, for the most part, dont need their eyes painted. they're barely visible, and are rather secluded. If you want to (like me), you should probably do them before you do the skin on the face, because they are indented, so you can just splodge some paint on the area, then just paint over the unneeded paint while doing the skin (this is a beginner tactic. as you get better at painting, you should try to do something alse for eyes).

    5. Basecoat with boltgun metal (or any darkish metal), then paint on top, purposely miss very small areas. If done right, it'll look like an ork painted it. If you want, you can just base with metal, then paint over completely, as this still makes it look different than normal black undercoat.

    There ya go. Hope this helps!
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    1) Drybrushing is mostly used for highlighting. While you can use any brush to do it, it tends to be easier with a stiffer bristle brush. With regular painting you're normaly covering a surface evenly (for the most part) with whatever color. Drybrushing is when you get paint on a brush, then run the brush over a cloth or napkin (I use the foam from blister packs) till there is barely any paint left on the brush. You then gently run the brush over the part of the model you want highlighted, and it will show up only on the surfaces that are sticking out from the rest of the model.

    2)Drybrushing does this pretty good.

    3)It depends on the model. I play Necron and CSM. A necron warrior takes on average about 20-30 minutes (depending on sobriety of course) to paint, while I spent around 2 hours a peice on my Pariahs. Or, I do them in an assembly line, where I'll paint all the metalic parts on 20, then the red parts on them, then the black parts, then highlight, then varnish. For my CSM, they can take anywhere from 2-3 hours per, to a few days, depending on the model. It will vary from player to player. I like my models to be very nicely painted, as you sometimes score extra points at tourney's with a nicely painted army. It also looks nice on the table.

    4)Eyes, ahhh. Don't worry, everyone has trouble with them. I found that the best method to use is to dip the tip of a brush in whatever color, and then let that paint dry on the brush, then you can more easily get the paint to stay at the very edge of the brush to get into those little ass nooks and cranies like eyes.

    5)Not sure exactly what you mean here. But if you're playing Orks, you probably mean like making the checker patterns or their orkie glyphs stand out more. You can use thicker paints. It'll stand up off the armor a bit more, and if looked at closely, you can see brushstrokes.
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