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    sob conversion from?

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas what models i could convert into SOB on the cheap.

    I have a passionate hate for metal models

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    I'm with you, my friend, but I'm not sure how you can do it. The SoBs are very intricate models, and you'll need at minimum a master's degree in green stuff.

    Basically, I see no way to do it outside bits ordering. I've seen female plastic heads. I think they come from one of the WHFB elf ranges, but I'm not sure. You'll probably find yourself scraping off helmets and stuff to GS on some hair.

    As for weapons, now there you are in luck. The bolters should be easy to get. Many bits-order sites sell them in packs of 10. Other weapons such as meltaguns and plasma guns should be equally easy. Heavy weapons like heavy flamers are also available from the SM devastator squad sprues, and again, you can bits-order them.

    Now the bodies... that's gonna be tricky. Probably the best starting point would be Dark Eldar. There are several models of female warrior torsos, and again, you can bits-order these. I'm not sure how good the legs would look, and I'm sure you'll need to file/trim them so they're not so menacing looking. You MIGHT be able to get away with DE arms, again after trimming off protruberances, etc. Once you've done all that, you'll need to GS quite a bit of ornamentation on them to make them look more like SoBs.

    As to the backpacks, I have no clue. I think they're metal, and I suppose in a pinch you could try to convert some SM backpacks, but I'll defer to wiser minds for advice on that one.
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    To add to the bove, the SOB have a fair amount of cloth on their models so the lower halfs could be made from anything with decent enough armour and simply doing some green stuff cloth to cover up any annoying parts.
    TBH coverting them is going to be more expensive and time consuming than buying the actual models so do be careful how many models you are going to have in your army!

    The backpacks come seperately so unless you really are that anti metal then just gluing these on would be fine. Other than that marine packs with the right iconography should do.

    Hope that helps


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