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Thread: Testors Paint?

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    Testors Paint?

    Hey Everyone.

    Okay, so I recently bought a kit of Testors Paint that seemed like a really good deal. The whole thing was $20, and came with a nice variety of flat colours. 11 total, I believe along with some other accesories like model glue, a knife, several brushes etc.

    Unfortrunately, I didn't realize how much of a pain it is because...
    1. you have to use paint thinner or some form of Lacquer to clean your brushes and the whole process is just a lot more fumey and messy.

    2. Sometimes it difficult to maintain a consistent paint thickness and you have to slowly mix thinner with a little bit to get it to spready smoothly. Unfortunately, I think I started painting too thick on some of my first 40 Ork boyz.

    At any rate, I was wondering if anyone else ever used Testors. If not, I'm curious what else you use that is more on affordable side and something I could get in perhaps a painting "kit".

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    These are enamel paints, not acrylics - hence the need for thinner. I used them before for other minis, but since I moved to 40K i switched to acrylics almost entirely - less messy and smells much nicer, plus you can lick your brushes all you want

    I have several enamel metallics - these are nice and very bright, but only ones I decided worth keeping. Switch over to GW or Vallejo - you will not be sorry. GW if you want to have an easy time matching colors and having good coverage, Vallejo if you want "dropper" bottles and more smooth/watery consistency in your paint

    Mixing your own colors might help with the number of basic colors needed, but consistency might be a problem if you need to get the same colors many times. GW's foundation paints are great too - I recommend getting one or two colors based on the primary color of your army. Washes are great too - much better than the old inks (however I still have jars of the original brown and chestnut inks).

    With brushes and paint, it seems that quality stuff is not cheap, but $30 or so should get you started painting...

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    Testors paint is not something you want to use. its smelly and a pain in general to use.

    thewarstore.com has paint sets from Vellejo, GW, Reaper Master/Model/Airbrush and P3.
    with the 20% off this webstore offers you should be able to pick up a good paint set cheap.
    May the "Nurgley Goodness" protect you!

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