I did a very nifty Imperial fist army, using 4 parts yellow wash, one part chestnut and a dab of gloss varnish mix, coated over white primer for a very quick and pre-shaded paint job.

Does anyone know if the new washes work the same?

I was thinking Leviathan Purple, bar the khorne bezerkers (Foundation red, then wash)
Followed by metallic detail (black wash) basing and tidbits detailing (Eyes, Important details)

Should be doable in a good weekend, and tabletop quality.

(I got a CSM force for christmas, and can't face having another unpainted force floating about. I'm also skint and out of black primer, but have 1 and 2/3rds of a can of white leftover (Again the Imperial fists were to be expanded, but the great Ink purge put paid to that, and I just can't match the colour now)

any advice with which washes work best?