I wanted to enter a model in the Golden Demon last year and get a bit further in the youngbloods than I did last year [regional]. I've got some questions and would like some help.

Im deciding between these two colour schemes

*High Elf colour scheme: I personally like the Enchanted Blue best but then it wouldnt be orgiginal and probably wouldnt get me very far into the Golden Demon plus other people at our GW have that scheme.

*I was thinking of Icy Blue and white would that look good the only thing is that I doubt the High Elves would wear Icy Blue clothing when they have Enchanted Blue plus it seems a bit.... weird. But it would have a good effect if I put some snow on bases and might get me into GD.

Also for some regular painting tips whats the best way to get white when I've done a Chaos Black udnercoat.

Thanks and bye.