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    Help me with my Warriors!

    Alright, I have heard that this kind of 'skill blitz' is not recommended, but to be honest, none of this is ENTIRELY new to me. However, I really want to go all out on my Warriors of Chaos, and make them look like a very good army. I am currently repainting my High Elves, and while they look very very nice, my Warriors offer me a fresh start on pristine gray plastic.

    If you aren't aware, my color scheme is going to be purple armor, likely with cream or red cloth. If I go with the cream color, it'll be getting a subtle green ink wash. What I need are quick, effective ways to "go the extra mile" with these models. I'm already working on snow bases and ice for a strong winter theme, so this is Model-only advice. Here's what I had in mind:

    NMM- how realistic is this idea for a whole army? The force will be featuring some gold accents, but I don't know how to blend/meld the colors for this.

    Mirror Shields- this is Sigvald's army, and as such is features mirror finishes on the shields. Not all of the shields are smooth, so a watered down application of silver might not be smooth enough. Could a chrome NMM finish work? And how would I do that?

    Lacquered Armor- the armor is going to be done in purple, but with it done as a lacquer finish, should i apply gloss varnish to the model? I have never varnished a model before, so should I do this before certain steps or wait until the very end?

    Glow effects- I want to add glow effects around the eyes of my Chosen. How to?

    Are there any other techniques that I should keep in mind? Aside from the cloaks, would inking or washes do any good? This is doubling as both a learning experience, and a chance to really get a good looking army done for my games, so feel free to go over the top with your suggestions!

    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    For the glow eye effect I've found that after doing primary detail on the face but before finishing the detail on the eyes.

    grab a small wide bristled brush[kind of like the tank brush except flat end and smaller]

    get a very tiny amount paint as if you were dry brushing it. then around each eye do a quick tap as though applying a makeup[at least who it looks when my significant other applies cover up] just tap it centering on each of the eyes, if done right should look as though you gave them a nice case of acne make sure don't push deep enough the bristles flex otherwise you'll get lines.

    Takes a few tries to get it right. Afterwords, do your detailing on the eye sockets in similar color to the "glow" usually comes out pretty well.

    Sorry no pics atm to show.

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