Okay. So I'm starting a Wood Elves WHFB army, and I want to use water effects on a majority if not all of the units in the army. This is my side-army, the one I'm going to spend the most time on converting and painting, etc.

Long story short:

-- Water effects need a recessed area, for what I'm doing.
-- GW/Citadel bases are not recessed.
-- I can't find any comparably-sized or square recessed bases.


Should I manually cut every little square base out and build a new base at table level, as in this tutorial: Swamp Basing-BrushThralls.com

Or... would it be feasible to just flip the square bases upside down and work with them that way? Would they be too unbalanced? Would I have to fill in the gap between the table and the top of the base with greenstuff (here --> \____/ --)? Or just weight them?

I don't want to use any incorrectly sized or shaped bases, but cutting or melting the bases seems too tedious. Has anyone tried this before?