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    well it has been a while, i've moved etc etc... needless to say i've been busy and not been able to touch the paint or models in months... so now that i am back to painting somewhat semi-regularly i would like some opinions form people if you don't mind.

    this will actually be 3 separate segments as a post my progress through the painting of my venerable dreadnought,

    i'm posting it like this so people can actually give ideas for the different stages of painting.

    all paints, washes, etc. are GW

    the post will be the base stage, followed by ink/wash, then the final

    btw, if i am posting the pics wrong please inform me how to post them in a more use friendly fashion.

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    Looks like a pretty good start on things there, a bunch of nice basics going on.
    I think a little more care in colour choice would help here and there, the yellow head, especially, seems a little off.

    Something that would really help out the larger areas of colour would be some edge highlights. On marines, especially, these are quite nice and simple to do, and really add a 'wow' factor to a model, if done right.
    Grab a brighter, lighter version of your main colour (for blue, I'd suggest a mix of Enchanted Blue and Ice Blue), and thin it down a fair bit.
    Then dip your brush into the paint, so that there is paint about halfway up the bristles.
    Run the edge of the brush along the edge of the model, at about a 45º angle.
    This should leave a thin line along the edge, giving it some contrast and pazazz.

    Also, pazazz is probably not a real word.


    PS. I also merged your three posts into one. Please refrain from posting several times in a row, unless you have no other choice. You should be able to edit your original post if you have something new to add, and no-one has replied yet. For more info, please read the forum rules, found *here*
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