This is Sister Palestine, High Cannoness of the Order of the Divine Ageus. I converted her from Celestine, obviously. It was as simple as clipping the arms off at the elbow, taking the evicerator and inferno pistol arm from the cannoness pack and cutting it to match (length wise), and using some greenstuff to hold it together to make it look more natural. The pack is a standard seraphim jump pack that is held on with some greenstuff because it didn't line up do to celestine's cloak/halo being two different pieces.

I also just converted a flamer into a melta and a few psycannons for a GK and a GKT. If my camera wasn't dead atm I'd put them up as well. That'll be later. I am also onverting an exorcist from a whirlwind despite the fact that it can pass as one right out of the box. It comming along well so far and I should have it done later today.