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    Chaos stormlord/shadowstorm (or other variety)

    Hey, does anyone have any other ideas as to converting a stormlord thing (baneblade basically ), other to sticking lots of spikes and symbols on it, i havnt actually converted anything before, so not sure if theres any better technique.


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    What brand of chaos? If it's Nurgle, you could attempt to make it look like it's decaying, though that would be tricky and involve tools. You could use greenstuff to make it look like it was made out of rotting flesh. I've also seen people use greenstuff to make eyeballs on the sides of vehicles before. I remember a guy once had a Rhino that had a tentacle from... something... sticking out of one of the hatches. I don't know if he made it himself or got it from someplace, but if you wanted to go that route the possibilities are pretty much endless. Buy a toy octopus or something, chop it up, and you could have these things protruding from every single hatch. Heck, you could even cut holes in the hull (if you dare) and make it like these things are bursting out all over it! If you don't like tentacles, you could buy a plastic bug/spider or something and use the legs. It's really up to you.

    One more thing: I usually am not a fan of the banner/battle standard idea, but on a vehicle this size it might be appropriate. Maybe get a big banner from another model, or even better, just get a staff with a crossbar and hang all sorts of crazy stuff from it -- chains, helmets, skulls, body parts, etc.

    Just some thoughts. Good luck!
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