Hello modelers. I've recently started amassing my first tabletop army, a dedicated force of Imperial Guardsmen from the hostile Printworld of Adobe CS-04, where the sky literally rains black oily ink (when the blood of His enemies isn't filling the sky, that is).

That being said, Ogryns are dumb and ugly. I'm thinking of putting together 4 replacement models to act as my meat shields. Keeping with my army's theme, each one will be pre-dominantly coloured one of the four printing process colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

Now, I was thinking of doing some sort of Lizardmen conversion. Giant reptiles with ripper guns.. Or do some terminators, bright coloured termie armor is just dope.

Another idea would be do have one termie controlling three lizards.

I'm leaning more towards that, as if there must be alien scum in my force, it might as well be enslaved.

Anyone have any experience converting Lizardmen? I'm very, very, new to the world of tabletop gaming and just looking for a push in the right direction, heading towards gun-toting lizards.

TIA (thanks in advance)