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    Color scheme inquiry

    So I am redoing my buddy's Grey Knights vehicles, and eventually I'll probably redo his infantry to. I need help with the paint scheme. I've got a rough idea of what I want but I would like some help with the particulars.

    Now I know that anyone can say that they are going to do anything on the internet so I'm willing to prove that I am serious about this project and about your advice. So there are three pictures below the first two show the old scheme on a LR and a dread. The last picture shows them post paint stripping and gap filling. They've since been primed and once I get this scheme worked out I'll get to work on it. Now let me tell you what I've go in mind.

    I'd like to use the antiqued white/dark grey color scheme with the right side of the models in the white. So dreadnought arms, infantry arms and shoulders, and land raider sides in white with the rest dark grey and silver and black for weapons.

    I think this will look pretty sharp if highlighted well but even with good technique I need a decent accent color. Green would look snazzy but then I'd just look some dark angels successor chapter. Red would be the kindof obvious choice but when I picture it in my minds eye it just doesn't sound that cool. Yellow maybe? I think the wraithbone/grey scheme could work but if I'm not careful with the composition it could come off really drab. Thoughts?

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    Ive been to a games day where someone showed of their Grey Knights with the Green as the colour of choice and i gotta say yes it did look awesome but also a bit Necrony. Why not go with the classic gold?

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    Well... that's... inapropriate... I'm not complaining.... but still....

    Anyway- OP- I like the sound and look of the scheme. Good job

    Edit- Just saw the date, sorry mods

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