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    Any tips on working with resin figures?

    So I finally broke down and bought a Forgeworld Barbed Hierodule. Now, as I test fit the pieces, I realize I haven't really done my research on how to best work with resin. First off, I'll wash them with soapy water tonight to get all of the release agent off. There is also the matter of all of the tabs on the figures. Can you simple snip with wire cutters or will that cause the piece to potentially shear? Would a razor saw be a better option. Secondly, it seems like the glue of choice is superglue, but can you also use adhesives like Liquid Nails? I suppose I should pin the arms too.

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    I have one of those. Washing is good, use a toothbrush (soft) to scrub it. Superglue is what you need. Pinning all the bits you can is good too. To remove tabs I find it best to clip off the big chunks, but it requires care. However be careful and expect to have to invest some time in removing parts carefully. If you use any kind of saw make sure you wear a mask, resin dust will make you very ill.

    The Heirodule will require slicing and filing to remove nasty bits that should not be there. You can use a blow dryer to straighten any parts that seem warped. Just heat them with the dryer and then dip then in ice water while holding the part in the shape you want. It will then solidify. Oh and when painting the Barbed Hierodule you mmay find it easier to glue it to it's base after you paint it. I have found paing the uderside is very hard because my brushes don't easily reach there, it is also hard to see. Overall working on a Hierodule takes some time, don't expect a quick and easy finish, but it is a very cool model once complete.

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