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    Magnetizing your Baneblade

    The Baneblade is my first superheavy vehicle and like everyone else, I don't really feel like paying for it again, so I set out to magnetize as much as I could so that I could try out different varients and remove weapons as they are destroyed. Thought this might be timely, given the imminent release of the Guard codex and all of the associated superheavies. It's still a work in progress, but I thought I'd post my work, which will eventually get turned into a tutorial.

    Sponson Turrets
    This is pretty easy to do. Take a 1/8" x 1/32" disc magnet (I get mine from K&J Magnetics) and glue into the bottom of the sponson turret. You'll find that the hole is exactly 1/8". Take a corresponding magnet and glue into the center hole of the top deck of your sponson. If you have the right magnets, this doesn't require any drilling or prep. To finish the turret, clip the retainer post halfway and glue to the top of the turret.

    Main Gun
    A little more difficult, but still pretty easy. It was made a little bit easier when I discovered that I had a magnet that was the exact inner diameter of the Baneblade Cannon (1/4") and that I had some matching styrene tubing with an inner diameter that took a 3/16" disc magnet perfectly.

    First off, take a 1/4" x 1/8" magnet and superglue it to the top of the guide post. I started by cutting the post off then realized it would be better to simply glue the magnet on top. The inset shows a close up of what it looks like. I applied the glue and magnet and then put the main gun over it, holding it in place for a minute or so, to make sure it dried in the proper position.

    Next, cut a length of 1/4 styrene tubing and glue a pair of 3/16" x 1/6" disc magnets inside the end. One is probably enough, but I used two. Here's a pic of what it looks like.

    This piece of tubing will be glued inside the barrel of the Baneblade cannon, but here's a picture to show what the naked insert looks like connected to the base magnet.

    Here's a graphic to show the finished Baneblade Cannon as well as the fit of styrene tubing vs. the bore diameter. Simply apply some model glue to the inside of the cannon, slide the tube in, and then attach to the base magnet. I held this in place for a couple of minutes to make sure the insert dried in a position that would hold the barrel flush against the base.

    The Hellhammer Cannon took a little more work, because the base of the gun barrel is solid. I had to route this out with my dremel tool and a round file. I was planning on cutting another insert with magnet, similar to what I did for the Baneblade Cannon, but my test fit was snug enough to hold it in place. Here's the Hellhammer Cannon attached to the same turret.

    This requires another pair of 1/8" x 1/32" disc magnets. You'll have to drill the holes for these ones. If you have a 1/8" bit, it makes the operation much easier. Just use a smaller bit to drill a guide hole and the expand with the 1/8" bit. Once the holes are done, drop a magnet into each and you're done.

    Next step, the sponsons. The only thing I really couldn't figure out was how to make the flamers and bolters interchangable. Anyone solve that one yet?

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    Great work so far.
    I've did the same stuff with my Tau vehicles and Krisis suits.

    Actually buy some really small magnets (they are still quite strong) and drill small holes to fit them into the bolters etc. It will work. The only problem is that they may rotate down as you're playing because of gravity. Just take a small piece of greenstuff and put it at the tankside of the bolter so that it could not rotate but only be disattached and your're done.

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