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    painting chaos armor

    I'm planning on coverting some chaos warriors and have it all figured out how i want to create them. One aspect of the model is the change in armor. Looking at the armor of a chaos warrior is just see plain armor thats why i want to change it so it looks more chaos. I plan on turning it into daerdric armor like in oblivion (the game).

    I've figured out how to create the armor, by using green stuff the only problem is i don't want to mess up the paint job. I want the armor to really glow red inside the deeper parts, and ond the surface it has to be a red dark metallic colour a little bit rusty is also a good option.

    I like the colours of the first image and the shape of the armor in the second image.

    Well thats it hope someone has a painting scheme.

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    its not easy to make this look good. This is I should do it. I believe its best to start from a white basecot. If you want the red to glow its not that good to start from black. The ed wilol not shine as much with black basecout.

    If the deeper part dont have structure I say you should paint them orange or red/orange. use a red wash, blood red. And then highlights the deeper parts with orange + yellow. it depends a bit on how big the deeper parts are, if they are big you can use more steps in the highlight. Dont shade it to dark or you will lose the glow effect.

    Paint the armour black, but dont ruin the deeper parts. Paint it gold or brass, use a brown wash that are quite thick for a wash, you don't want it to ruin the red. Us more wash if you like, but little at the time. highlight with silver. when the armour is finish, use a thing glaze of blood red over the sides of the deep parts, and a little at the edge. now it should look like the inside is glowing. Skip the blood red glaze if you don't the glow effect, it can be hard to get it good. If you go for it, don over do it, use thin layer, and it should be thicker closer to the light sours, that is the red in the deep parts.

    Hope this help a bit. I have not painted using this colours, but I have don things like this using different colours.
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    What he said should work. I suggest you follow guides like that, and look to recipes for painting "lava," which sounds like what you want inside the armour.

    As for the plates themselves, I'd use a dark red, maybe even mixed with black, then a soft highlight along the edge, or possibly a glaze/wet-blend of blood red. Finally, finish it off with Citadel 'ard coat to give it a glossy shine. I'm working on something similar with purple on my Necron shoulder pads right now.
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