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    Daemon Questions

    After about a year away I'm starting to get back in to the hobby and am looking to finish off my Chaos Daemons. I have a couple of questions for the community at large however before I proceed:

    1) What are most people using for their Changeling model? Are people converting something to sit in, or playing on the 'shape shifting' ability and so just choosing anything that doesn't look like a horror?

    I was originally going to convert something following the codex picture, with a large robe covering the entire body and head (hiding the face), except for the feet and a single hand reaching out. However, I'm coming to the conclusion that I probably don't need 4 heralds and so maybe this model (which I already have laying around) would work.

    2) I have a bunch of left over Chaos Fury bodies from a project that used their wings. I've been wondering about painting these pink, maybe adding some tentacle 'dreads' and extra horns, and using them as another unit of horrors. What would people think of this on the table? Would the lack of wings and pink colour make it clear enough what they're supposed to be? To be clear, the rest of my horrors are the old style 'goofy head with arms and legs.'

    Any input's appreciated, thanks.

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    sounds like a plan.. adding the swirly tentacles to the furies would definatley make them a little more Tzeentch

    I know a lot of people are using wood elf dryads for horrors if you wanted to go another route
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