3) WFB Terrain - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: 3) WFB Terrain

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    3) WFB Terrain

    Here is my completed Warhammer Fantasy Battle Project I - Fencing
    (To go as part of my main scenery journal)

    Materials and tools:

    Staples (pinning and ... you'll see),
    Plastic bits for flavour,
    Scorched Static Grass.

    Knife, file, clippers, drill, PVA glue, superglue (cheap is better) Old brush (glue application)

    A modular Fencing system:

    Inspited by sho'nuff's Iron Chef scenery competition, I have decided to make a wooden fence - for WFB. I want it to be modular, and easily storable. also, as part of the Iron chef competition it needed to be wood.

    I started by getting two sheets of balsa, and cutting them into strips (cutting down the length - with the grain. this is important to give it strength. Trust me on this.)
    I used 1.5mm balsa for the fence panels, and 2.5mm for the posts. I cut the posts into almost square cross section strips, and the boards about 4-5mm wide strips. Then I cut the posts - about mid torso on a mini, and twice the length of a man for the boards.
    - Please note, I deliberately did not measure or mark out the cuts, i did this by hand and eye judgement to get a "rustic" rough feel.

    Strips for the posts and fencing (Straight sections first):

    Then I made up the fence panels, ready to be stuck together and to the base. (It is important you let them dry before handling them further)
    I did this by hand and eye also, but it is important to have a top and bottom - on the bottom the posts must be level, and it's best to gently file them completely flat (more contact with the base)
    Making the panels:

    Next, after the panels have dried i set them out above my strips of plasticard (Again, i did this by hand, although it was for the overall "feel" of the scenery) and marked out where the posts would be ( a ball point did the trick.) they needed to overlap, and every other one would be reversed (posts one side of the panel, then the other, repeat.) - top tip - start the same way around for all your fences if they overlap the edges a bit and they'll fit together very well (bar some corners - see later).
    I attached the first panel with superglue, then attached PVA to the next panel's boards where it would meet, and then added superglue to the base, and fixed it (the ball point for the posts marks out the superglue dots -you see now?)

    The Corners:
    I got my plasticard strips - one for a straight got cut in half, and each of these made a corner - I cut them in half at a 45degree angle and flipped one half over, gluing using poly cement.
    - top tip - to make it stick together, and not to the table glue it on top of a piece of paper, then when dry peel the paper off - peeling from the corner (of the corner) so you're at a right angle to the join and don't pull it apart.

    Then i added a corner post - these were picked out of my 2.5mm balsa posts as the best ones, with a good, level, thick bottom - where it joins the plasticard - and with one "corner" - where two sides meet at 90 degrees - vital. These were carefully superglued on. Then panels were made up in much the same as before, but one end needed to be level (Where they would affix to the main post)

    I added a gate - I made the gate with a diagonal "slat" and was very careful cutting it all so it fitted solidly together

    And bent some staples to make hooks for the gate to hang on - drilling out where they were to go, and fixing with plenty of superglue (it also makes the surrounding balsa more hard, and durable for a moving piece.)
    I got two little catch eyelets - about 20p each and drilled them into a plastic post, clipping them the other side.

    (Elves! never shut the gate!)
    At this point I decided to add a bit of flavour - one bit to every strip (4 corners, 6 strips):

    I used two different bushes, an Owl and a waystone from the dryad box (all spares for basing - trade/scrounge from a wood elf player)
    I used two "animal" skulls with the curved horns, and the pointy horns from the old tomb king / skeleton boxed set, and a zombie arm with scythe and one with a pitchfork had their hand clipped off, and filed / mould lines removed.
    I also used the bucket from a Empire Cannon, and mushrooms from the Ork fanatic Kit.
    A bit more detail:

    Then i sanded the bases

    Sanded and in the box - This'll be perfect for storage too!
    Now all it needs is a lick of paint and some flock.

    Next up I undercoated the entire thong brown - I used a brown matt primer spray from army painter, as it's the same price as GW black, but coloured, and i'm carefull with my time. (Car body spray may save £ 1-2, but it wasn't worth the risk IMHO)

    Then I drybrushed with calthan brown on the ground, and graveyard earth on the fence (Although it wasn't that distinguishable. I shouldn't have bothered - calthan all the way)

    I then painted the various extras as appropriately, normally giving them a wash and a drybrush,
    the skulls got breached bone, a ogryn flesh wash, and a light drybrush as they came out so well,
    The mushrooms got bleached bone, and a ogryn flesh wash, and macharius red with white spots (I was in two minds about the spots, but left them for a bit of colour)
    The stone got adeptus grey, washed with black and drybrushed.. fortress grey? can't remember
    The bushes got the medium foundation green, thraka wash, and goblin green drybrush,
    The metallic bits got boltgun, black wash and chainmail drybrush,
    The owl was painted in store whilst sitting next to a zoo bird carer (pure coincidence, didn't know that before I sat down.) who was very helpfull with advice. It's wings should be lighter with white banding, but i couldn't be bothered as the table kept being jogged.

    - Please note Water effect not completely dry here - I started using GW gloss varnish as i couldn't be bothered to look for the water effect, but it didn't work - it just dried up the sides, so i had to dig the water effect out for a bucket.

    and the rear - the owl will be painted, but I also added a small bush (Can't remember the make, they'll come up in one of my later posts in scenery. This is the yellow variety)

    I deliberately added lots to the gate as it will get lots of attention. I also didn't flock where the gate opens as much, as cattle would churn the earth up a bit (And i deliberately added extra large rocky sand to that area)

    And Finished piccys (2):

    I'm quite happy with these, and I got joint 1st place in the local GW scenery competition with my entry (30/06/09) whilst included with my barn. apparently if i'd left out the bushes i would have got 1st, and I had a face like thunder as my joint 1st companion had used some bushes in his piece that I'd given him the week before. Grr! oh well, 1st is still 1st, and my winnings went towards brettonian men at arms, freeing money for a mail order of empire bits from the hellblaster cannon, cannon, Brettonian archer brazier and the giant's cow bits - all to make more scenery with and the townsfolk / mordheim men at arms (I'm currently part of a two games a week campaign, and lost 3x hench men last night (02/06/09). Their replacements aren't getting such expensive equipment as this keeps on happening. (Spear? too expensive - Mace and dagger for you lot.)

    Oh, and not only does this make a rectangular field, but it can be stretched into 6ft straight (each straight section is a foot long) and you could add a bit to that by having it zig-zag with the corner sections (corner to corner) - maybe putting the farm in the bit it goes in.
    It can also stretch between buildings, and for a bit of flavour in your games you could get some animals / whatever and do a raid scenario with it - using the animals as raid tokens. (Early learning centre pigs / cows, foundry miniatures Llamas (Of course!) or a couple of Oop cold ones (the barneysaurus's) / squigs.)
    I am considering doing a couple of extra extra sections to expand it / make it 40k.
    If you look at my main page (link at top) there is a farm (already finished) and I will be doing a mordheim city / WFB town at some point.

    Last edited by stayscrunchyinmilk; June 3rd, 2009 at 10:03.

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