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    How do you do it?


    1, How do you paint your miniatures? Prime it black, then just paint the whole thing messy with the color of choice.. or slow and all staying away from gaps and such to let the black show directly.. do you paint "behind" things? looking at the space marines seals, do you leave the back black? to make it look shaded or similar.

    2, Do you assemble the whole model and paint what you see or bit by bit and paint it all?

    I'm in a mix my self, first batch i did was assemble almost half the model, leaving weapons and the weapon holding arm out. Next 10 i do i will leave out both arms and do the body alone, and then fit in the other parts.

    And with the first i also painted it very sloppy, just got it all over with red.. then trying to wash in the shades and shadows.. bad idea, live and learn i guess
    Next 10 i will probably be more neat right away, putting the red where it should be and not everywhere and certainly not where the shadows already lies..

    So, how do you do it?


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    Heres what I would reccomend. First clean the model-sprues in warm water and dish soap, this will allow paint to stick far better to the model after cleaning it. After this put the base parts of the model together. In the case of a space marine, put the head, the body and the legs on and glue this to the base, prime and paint these pieces first because there are alot of hard to reach places on the model once you put the backpack and the arms on. When painting never be afraid to use a good amount of paint, apply enough paint to cover areas and dont be afraid to get color in the recesses at this point, as long as you dont ruin the detail with WAY too much paint you should be able to fill it with black later to look good again. Once the primer coat and first coat of paint is on, start detailing the model. Pick out the details and fix any parts that got color in them where it should not have been, once the model has been detailed and painted highlight the model. Now the main body of the model is done, prime the other parts individually and glue them on, now paint these parts the same way. This seems to be the best and easiest way to finish a good ammount of models reletivly quickly while still making them good for me. alternitively you could put all the parts on first and leave areas you cannot get black but I dont really like the way that looks so I just paint the whole thing
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