The Purge CSMs/Raptors - Painting Suggestions? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Purge CSMs/Raptors - Painting Suggestions?

    I'm making a csm army around The Purge - Lexicanum

    I'm not the best painter in the world,but I'm not a novice either (painted a 2000pt black legion army previously and some dark eldar). However, I haven't painted anything in over a year and a half due to illness , work, and other things. Have a couple questions to ask to help me get these painted nicely.

    1) Defining company/squad/etc - I noticed that they use a black shoulderpad vs a same color green shoulderpad in some pictures. That is one way to determine company/squad but what other colors might I use? If I didn't want to use shoulderpads what else might they use that would look good with that scheme?

    2) Color Scheme for Details - They only use green and black and nothing else, I'd like to use a couple other colors to bring out some of the details on the space marines like hoses, grenades, and other details. I was thinking about using silver for the metal lining on the shoulderpads and around the chest and boots, any other suggestions that wouldnt clash?

    3)Chainsword Graphics - I have a lot of models with chainswords. What are some ideas for an interesting painting scheme for the chainsword or should I simply use the black center with a metallic grey for the spikes? For instance iron warriors have that caution bar scheme they use on things like that, berzerkers usually have blood splatter, etc. I was thinking about using some sickly green(although their regular armor is kinda sickly) to paint spray on the blade like dripping ichor or diseased pus or something.

    4)Raptor Flight Stand Color - Should I attempt to paint flames on the raptor's stand that pushes up them a little higher? I see a lot of people just leave it black which I guess works for smoke or something, maybe use a bit of white at the base and use some grey/black higher up to make it more smokey than simple black?

    I sold or gave away almost all of my old paints and brushes so I'm using a brush that is way too big and acrylic craft paints which are a bit thick. Any tips on making the best of craft paints would be awesome too. If you know how to do details without a fine tipped detailing brush that is also welcome info.

    Thanks in advance and any other general suggestions for painting csm's/raptors/purge are more than welcome.

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